AIRWOLF: Let's Go Back To Your Place

Saturday, February 16 2019



45 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

with special guest Lauren Duca (Teen Vogue)!


(Plus $1.50/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

There will be a standby line for this show

What's the worst living experience you've ever had?

Was it that haunted apartment you found through Craigslist? What about the time in college when your roommate always watched you sleep? Or maybe it was that year you lived on a hippie commune in the middle of the desert? 

Airwolf interviews an audience volunteer about their hellish tales of crazy roommates, weird neighbors, and other outrageous living situations and spins it into a fast, funny and fully improvised show. Please label your food if you don't want us to eat it. 

Members of Airwolf have been featured on Broad City (Comedy Central), Russian Doll (Netflix), The Chris Gethard Show, and Bleacher Report, among many others.