Indie Cage Match

Sunday, October 27 2019

Doors: 5:30pm, Show: 6:00pm


45 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012

NOTE: UCB Students can enter for free to this show by waiting on the stand-by line. Purchase a ticket to guarantee entrance.

Once a month, your Indie Cage Match hosts Brief Dragon take you outside of the indie improv war and put on a thematic show pitting classic rivals against each other.

This Halloweekend, witness the ultimate battle between the two most powerful spooky groups: WEREWOLVES vs. VAMPIRES.

THE SPOOKY TWIST: Each improv mash-up team has a special advantage against the other. At any point during the Werewolves set, a Vampire can “possess” a Werewolf player and take over their character for the duration of the scene.

And at any point during the Vampires set, a Werewolf can murder a Vampire player and they stay dead for the duration of the scene (BUT, if that Vampire player wants to come back to life before the scene is over, they can only do so as a dog).

Come out and see a hauntingly wild improv show that will be sure to start your Halloween off on the right (and severed) foot.



(Plus $1.50/ticket transaction fee)

×1 ticket = $5

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A hero will be chosen.
A champion will be crowned.
Come witness the epic battle of indie improv glory.

Each week, two indie improv teams face off. The winning team will return the following week to defend their title. After three victories, they journey to face the ultimate beast: Cage Match at UCBT Hell's Kitchen.

Hosted by Brief Dragon (Max Brand, Brielle DeMirjian, Dani Grace, John Sartori, Brandon Zelman).

Facebook: @indiecagematch
Instagram: @indiecagematchucb
Twitter: @IndieCageUCBT

Rules of Indie Cage Match:
Each team gets 20 minutes to perform
- A winner will be determined solely by audience vote
- The winning team will return the following week to defend their title
- After three wins, a team will be retired from ICM for that season and receive a slot at Cage Match NYC at UCBT Hell's Kitchen

How to submit your team for Indie Cage Match:
- All team members must have completed the core curriculum (Improv 101-401) at UCB Theatre or the equivalent at another theater
- All teams must perform long-form improv
- No team may have more than 50% of its members be current Harold or Lloyd Night performers or the equivalent at another theater
- Teams asked to compete at ICM will be chosen at the discretion of the UCB Theatre

For more information on how to submit your team, please email 
[email protected]

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