Queerball: A Queer Comedy Extravaganza

QUEERBALL is the *premiere* queer comedy variety show at the famed NYC Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre's hosted by faggy/sexy/cool comedian, Timothy Dunn, for the L's, G's, B's, T's, Q's, I's... and everyone in between AND everyone outside the lines! We celebrate all the gays and all the queers, but also the ladies, the freaks, the weirdos, the neo-maxi-zoom-dweebies, the spazzes, the wonks, all of our brilliant and wonderful allies, and all their different and amazing kinds of comedy!

What can you expect? 
Host Timothy Dunn curates a big ol' queer night of stand-up, musical acts, dance, storytelling, circus performers, character actors, drag, musical comedy, whatever the magical queer brains out there are dreaming up right now! And it's different every month, babe!
Plus special guests from the Gay Illuminati, Broadway, television, and the Drag-O-Sphere!

This is a safe, inclusive, supportive space for all of the misfit toys of the world to come together and GIVE EACH OTHER LIFE! All are welcome! Except for assholes. ;)

All at the fabulous SubCulture on Bleecker Street! 
Oh, and the bar is CUTE, too, henny! ;)

Find us online @QueerballComedy!